WPMovieLibrary default behaviour is to show the movies along with regular posts in the homepage or your site − that is, if you’re not using a static page as your homepage; you can disabled this in Movies > Settings > Movies. Movies are very similar to Posts and should be rendered accordingly by your theme; you can chose which information should be displayed and when.

Show metadata


In WPMovieLibrary Settings panel you can select where the metadata should be displayed: on single movie pages only (“Only in Post read“), in single movie pages and posts archives (“Everywhere“) or simply nowhere (“Don’t show“).

You can also alter the order of the selected metadata using the drag-n-drop tool; the metadata will appear in the order you set in the Settings panel.

This feature requires JavaScript to be activated; otherwise you will be presented a simple select list without ordering possibility. Refer to your browser’s documentation to learn more about JavaScript activation.
Show details


Just as metadata, details can be displayed in movies only, in movies and archives or nowhere at all. Details offer an additional setting to appear as icons or rather as text label.


Metadata and details can be easily styled to match your theme; here are the relevant information you’ll need to update your CSS file.

Element CSS Class(es) HTML Element
Metadata container wpml_movie <DL>
Metadata title wpml_{meta_name}_field_title <DT>
Metadata value wpml_{meta_name}_field_value <DD>
Element CSS Class(es) HTML Element
Details container wpml_movie_detail <DIV>
Movie Media label container wpml_movie_media {media} wpml_detail_label <DIV>
Movie Media label wpml_movie_detail_item <DIV>
Movie Media status container wpml_movie_status {status} wpml_detail_label <DIV>
Movie Media status wpml_movie_detail_item <DIV>
Movie Media wpml_movie_media {media} wpml_detail_icon <DIV>
Movie Status wpml_movie_status {status} wpml_detail_icon <DIV>
Movie Rating wpml_movie_rating wpml_detail_icon <DIV>
Movie Rating stars block movie_rating_display stars_{rating_int}_{rating_decimal} <DIV>

Here’s a simple show off with Twenty Twelve theme and basic settings:


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