Collections are to Movies what Categories are to Posts, a way to manage your movie library by handling groups of movies. The initial purpose of collections is to create lists of movies from the same director: if you’re a fan of David Fincher, there’s a great chance that sooner or later your library will contain Fight Club, Se7en, Alien3, Zodiac or The Social Network; you can then create a collection named “David Fincher” that will regroup all these movies.

This is how these taxonomies are meant to be used:

Collections Genres & Actors
Allow hierarchical classification
Organize related movies in coherent groups
Identify movies by specific persons or themes
Define the theme or people of the movie
Depending on your settings, genres and actors can be automatically added when importing or manually adding a movie. See Movies > Settings > Taxonomies.
Note that this is how taxonomies are meant to be used, not how you have to use them, there’s nothing preventing you to create your own custom collections to group movies by actors, genres, themes, cast or anything you like; the director-related stands as a default behaviour for better yet-to-come search or statistics features, but you can handle it the way you want.
Manage collections

Just like Categories, you can edit or delete Collections in Movies > Collections.

Use collections

WPMovieLibrary provides an archive page that lists all your collections, accessible at if you didn’t change the permalink in your settings.

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