Here’s a list of the different versions changes, in other words: the changelog.

  • Fix Metadata import bug (directors, producers, directors of photography… not properly imported since
  • Feat Add a ‘clear search’ button the movie search form in metabox
  • Tweak Update user capabilities
  • Fix PHP7.1 bug resulting in server errors preventing import of new movies
  • Dev First draft of the Diagnose Tool
  • Fix URL escaping bug causing the movie grid letter URL malformation
  • Fix Empty date bug in importer resulting in movies being dated from January 1st, 1970
  • Dev Term ordering updated to match the modifications brought by WordPress 4.4
  • Tweak Movies Widget available/unavailable status distinction
  • Tweak About page style
  • Tweak Disable outdated notice
  • Fix Duplicate Dashboard menu entry
  • Fix SQL bug on term ordering
  • Fix PHP Notice on deprecated Widget constructor
  • Dev New filter for vintage content
  • Dev Fix potential XSS vulnerabilities
  • Dev Update Movies Widget Admin to Backbone.js
  • Tweak Edit misleading Settings description
  • Tweak Minor grid ordering tweak
  • Tweak Update l10n
  • Fix Minor JS messing with Customizer
  • Fix WordPress 4.2 WP_List_Table Class incompatibilities
  • Feat New Headbox styles: Allociné and IMDb
  • Feat Add a ‘convert to movie’ button to pages and posts
  • Feat Grid sorting modes: rating, release date, local release date
  • Feat Grid content modes: now supports collections, genres and actors
  • Feat Implement new [movie_posters] Shortcode
  • Feat Custom Post Types selection for taxonomies
  • Tweak New Archives position option
  • Tweak Implement [movie_rating] Shortcode
  • Tweak Add title attribute to meta links
  • Tweak New ‘None’ option for subtitles
  • Fix URL parsing bug when permalinks are disabled
  • Fix Rating stars erroneous title when using 10-base rating
  • Fix Permalink bug when permalink translation is set off
  • Fix Movies Widget title overflow
  • Fix Archive pages title separator
  • Dev get_movie() / get_movie_by_title() parameters fix
  • Dev Updated permalink translation process
  • Dev Font update + Metabox tweaks
  • Tweak Bulk edit and metabox minor updates
  • Tweak Font update + minor style tweaks
  • Fix Terms ordering minor bug fix
  • Fix Minor archives menu bug fix
  • Fix Runtime formatting bug when using strings
  • Dev Smoother terms ordering process
  • Tweak Update Grid style to display properly titles and ratings
  • Tweak New Grid setting: show titles/ratings/years
  • Tweak Add years to importer movies choice
  • Tweak Add director and original title support to posters/images title
  • Tweak Updated Icon font
  • Fix Details not shown properly on archive pages
  • Fix Possible empty grid bug on movie archives pages
  • Fix Images sizes labels in settings panel
  • Fix Movies Widget order by rating/media/status bug
  • Dev Add a safety to meta queries preventing from overriding existing subpages
  • Dev Minor editor metabox tweaks
  • Tweak Implement local release date meta query
  • Tweak Add numbers to actor taxonomy archives menu
  • Tweak Informative message in metabox details panel
  • Fix Countries/languages names missing translation
  • Fix Release date formatting bug
  • Fix Movie archives pages titles missing translations
  • Fix Remove ReduxFramework potential crash-triggering part
  • Fix Poster size ignored on import
  • Fix Pagination bug on movie archive pages
  • Dev Update permalinks handling
  • Fix Forgotten debug notice
  • Fix PHP 5.3 bug in taxonomy archive pages
  • Fix [movie_grid] Shortcode bug returning empty
  • Feat Movie meta/detail archives use movie custom archives page
  • Feat New movie grid list and archives views
  • Tweak Improved handling of terms with apostrophes
  • Tweak Add missing meta Shortcodes: tagline, budget, revenue, certification, writer, imdb_id, tmdb_id, adult, homepage
  • Tweak Better meta URL and translation handling
  • Tweak Archives pages title rewrite
  • Tweak Empty grid message
  • Fix Movie archives page not falling back to default with no page set
  • Fix Permalink issue causing 404 on movie archives page
  • Feat Custom Archives pages
  • Feat Implement page creation tool
  • Feat Headbox customization settings
  • Feat Meta query URL by value and range of values
  • Tweak New metadata: local release date
  • Tweak Add year to movie select list in editor
  • Tweak Implement [movies] Shortcode pagination
  • Tweak Save metadata once they’re collected
  • Tweak Add movies to categories/tags archive pages
  • Tweak Not rated message instead of stars
  • Tweak Exclude current movie from Movies Widget in single
  • Tweak Add label for unknown movie duration
  • Fix Undeletable movie details
  • Fix Missing search results (pages not included)
  • Fix Empty search query
  • Fix Missing format in details view
  • Fix Apostrophe in actor name breaking taxonomies links
  • Fix Poster showing with poster=’none’ param in [movies] Shortcode
  • Fix ‘actors’ meta not working in [movie] Shortcode
  • Fix Collections added automatically despite settings in editor
  • Tweak Movie Headbox styling
  • Fix Fix ‘Add New’ link blocked by JavaScript in movie editor
  • Fix Fix deprecated movie total count
  • Fix Fix certification not correctly fetched
  • Tweak Delete deprecated images
  • Tweak Minor styling changes
  • Fix Deprecated movies detection on activation

Version 2.0 brings a tremendous number of changes and fixes, resumed in major new features:

  • Feat Metabox complete reboot
  • Feat New Settings panel
  • Feat New Metadata format
  • Feat Movie Headbox
  • Feat Meta query URLs
  • Feat New available metadata
  • Feat Dedicated icon font
  • Feat Movie Grid Shortcode
  • Feat
  • Tweak Media Modals CSS fixes for WordPress 4.0
  • Dev Manually add ‘movies’ permalink structure as it seem to conflict with some themes/plugins
  • Fix Genres and Actors Shortcodes missing labels
  • Fix Cache cleaning updated for WordPress 4.0 (like_escape deprecated since WordPress 4.0)
  • Tweak Added color effects on status box
  • Tweak Dashboard now showing plugin version
  • Fix Minor bug when movie runtime is set to 0
  • Fix Images/Modal not showing if no movie metadata has been imported
  • Fix Caching feature generating fatal errors with PHP 5.3
  • Fix Caching feature messing with Shortcodes
  • Fix CSS bug causing crushed posters in Movies Widget
  • Fix PHP notice in Dashboard Movies Widget
  • Feat Implement caching
  • Feat Implement templates
  • Feat Complete Widgets reboot
  • Tweak AJAX Queue for movie images import
  • Tweak Runtime and Release date Shortcodes format support
  • Tweak Movie lang Shortcode alias
  • Tweak Updated default dashboard Movies Widget when no movies
  • Tweak No load more button if no movie in dashboard Movies Widget
  • Tweak Custom Dashboard movies poster size update
  • Tweak Import queue styling (progress bar) and i10n
  • Tweak WP < 3.8 icons update
  • Tweak Custom Dashboard Vendor Widget
  • Dev WP_List_Table compat with WP4.0
  • Dev Metaboxes now defined in config to allow filtering
  • Dev API and Shortcodes more extendable
  • Dev Images and Posters Shortcodes more extendable
  • Dev Better API request error handling
  • Dev i10n handling enhanced
  • Fix Images/Posters modal bug causing random empty modals
  • Fix Custom Dashboard multiple minor fixes
  • Fix Don’t import unchecked movies in importer
  • Fix Minor nonce error in detail metabox
  • Fix Taxonomies not removed when emptying metadata
  • Fix Erratic enqueue_admin_scripts/styles
  • Fix Widgets checkbox options update
  • Fix Taxonomies Widget minor style bug
  • Tweak Movie Images shortcodes basic styling
  • Fix PHP Warnings with shortcodes when no attribute is passed
  • Fix Default poster for movies only
  • Fix PHP Warning with runtime and release date
  • Feat Implements shortcodes − see

    • Feat Create 8 new shortcodes
    • Feat Create 16+ aliases for specific shortcodes
  • Feat New default poster
  • Tweak Better display of directors, actors and genres in fronted, metadata are now matched against existing taxonomies to provide relevant links
  • Tweak Custom archive pages pagination
  • Tweak Custom archive pages specific titles
  • Tweak Show a dash instead of empty metadata in frontend
  • Tweak Add default runtime and release date/time formats
  • Tweak Limited number of items in Collections and Actors Widgets to lighten loading time
  • Tweak Updated default poster
  • Dev Better use of filters to display movie metadata and details and handle shortcodes and metadata aliases
  • Dev Cleaner Widgets views
  • Fix JavaScript bug in the movie editor preventing from manually setting a featured image after metadata import
  • Fix missing links on directors when a movie has two or more directors
  • Fix frontend PHP Warning when movie runtime is empty
  • Fix JavaScript bug when setting collections in movie editor
  • Fix Warnings on plugin activation when updating settings
  • Fix Markup error in readme
  • Fix Wrong PHP version requirement (PHP 5.3 required, not 5.2) – Thanks Ravavamouna
  • Dev Check plugin requirements before loading
  • Fix Missing status icon in frontend
  • Fix JS Search error in Movie Meta metabox
  • Fix Missing nonce in importer
  • Fix 12-hour time format bug on runtime
  • Fix JS error with custom dashboard widgets
  • Tweak Add 20+ new language for the API
  • Tweak New item in Dashboard “Right Now” Widget
  • Tweak WordPress < 3.8 icons and styling update
  • Tweak Backend CSS
  • Tweak Add an admin notice in case of missing Archive page
  • Tweak Language packs updated
  • First stable release

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