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Update version

Changelog Fix URL escaping bug causing the movie grid letter URL malformation Fix Empty date bug in importer resulting in movies being dated from January 1st, 1970 Dev Term ordering updated to match the...


WPMovieLibrary 2.0

Finally! Version 2.0 made it to public release. Not much to add from what has been said about the release candidate apart some more bug fixes and the temporary deactivation of taxonomies archives. That...


WPMovieLibrary 1.2

Five days behind schedule, version 1.2 is out! What’s new? Templates That’s the major feature of this version: templates. You can now alter and override the way WPMovieLibrary displays things via plugins and themes...


WPMovieLibrary 1.1

Version 1.1 up and running! Some nice features are here now, the most important one being Shortcodes. So what’s been done? Shortcodes WPMovieLibrary now supports more than 15 shortcodes to make usage of movies...

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