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WPMoly3 new Media Modal import features 3

Version 3.0: highlight on images

The more I dive into the WordPress Media code, the more it seems interesting to extend it to improve the way WPMovieLibrary handles backdrops and posters. I’ve spent most of the last two weeks...

WPMovieLibrary version 3.0 new metabox poster tab 9

An early point on version 3.0 features

Following on the old idea of a development blog, let’s talk a bit of what you should and should not expect to find in WPMovieLibrary 3.0. Better import features That’s definitely the main objective...


To infinity, and beyond!

2015’s been a mess. No news, no updates, what a shame. So I made a decision: I’m dropping pending versions 2.1.5 and 2.2 and moving straight to version 3.0 with a complete rewrite of the plugin. We’re done losing time, let’s get some really cool things done now.


Two steps forward, one step back…

… Sort of. We’re now really close to the release of version 2.1.4, which has taken way, way too much time, sorry about that. There’s just too much work going on. And we’re stepping...


Improving the Grid

Continuing the development’s live blogging, today let’s talk about the Grid. Introduced months ago, the Movie Grid was an old, recuring demand from a lot of users and I still got a lot of...


Talking about money (and why we’re free)

Being a developer and WordPress user for years I never paid much attention to the market of WP plugins and themes; I always found free themes that met my needs and in last resort...


WPMovieLibrary 2.1 Release Candidate

Nearly a month after version 2.0, the first release candidate for WordPress Movie Library 2.1 is available on GitHub. Download from GitHub Quite a deception on our side, but this version will not included...


Update version

Changelog Tweak Movie Headbox styling Fix Fix ‘Add New’ link blocked by JavaScript in movie editor Fix Fix deprecated movie total count Download from GitHub or Download from

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