Author: Charlie MERLAND


Update version

Changelog Feat Add API support for Catalan language Fix JavaScript error when trying to import already queued movies Fix Missing importer spinner icon Fix JavaScript error on featured image import Fix Poster modal style...


WPMovieLibrary 3.0 Alpha 2

I guess I’ve been a little too optimistic when I first said version 3.0 wouldn’t take that long to come out, considering how time flew since the initial announcement. Alpha1 was meant to be...


Update version

Changelog Fix Metadata import bug (directors, producers, directors of photography… not properly imported since Download from GitHub or Download from


Update version

Changelog Feat Add a ‘clear search’ button the movie search form in metabox Tweak Update user capabilities Fix PHP7.1 bug resulting in server errors preventing import of new movies Dev First draft of the...

Building grid has never been easier 12

I Am The Grid Builder

Few weeks ago I mentioned some breaking changes with Shortcodes. Well, that’s it, all Shortcodes have been ported, and some will break. Let’s see why. First I got rid of the basic `[movie]` shortcode,...


I Was Made For Lovin’ You

One of the first concepts your learn as a developer goes by the lovely name of Kiss: Keep It Simple, Stupid! Sadly I have to admit that the major weaknesses of WPMovieLibrary so far...


Update version

Changelog Fix URL escaping bug causing the movie grid letter URL malformation Fix Empty date bug in importer resulting in movies being dated from January 1st, 1970 Dev Term ordering updated to match the...


WPMovieLibrary 3.0 Alpha 1

Finally, here it is! The very first alpha release for version 3.0. What a day. As previously announced it comes from a long way, a complete rewrite of the plugin. Better code base, better...


Of History and Taxonomies

The last couple of weeks got me pretty busy handling some side projects, back to real business now. Lets start with good news: we’re coming close to the release of version 3.0-alpha-1 now, expect...

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