Monthly Archive: August 2014


Update version 1.2.1

Just a few days after the version 1.2, here is the first major update version. Major because it fixes some nasty bugs including PHP 5.3 support, JavaScript bug in media modals and a major...


WPMovieLibrary 1.2

Five days behind schedule, version 1.2 is out! What’s new? Templates That’s the major feature of this version: templates. You can now alter and override the way WPMovieLibrary displays things via plugins and themes...


WPMovieLibrary 1.2 Beta 2

Second beta release for version 1.2! Tweak AJAX Queue for movie images import Dev Metaboxes now defined in config to allow filtering Dev API and Shortcodes more extendable Dev Images and Posters Shortcodes more...


WPMovieLibrary 1.2 Beta 1

Big updates with this first beta for version 1.2! Feat Implements caching Feat Implements templates Feat Complete Widgets reboot Tweak Runtime and Release date Shortcodes format support Tweak Movie lang Shortcode alias Tweak Updated...

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