• Add, manage and display tons of movies in a few clicks
  • Import metadata, images and posters easily
  • Sort movies by genre, actor, media and status
  • Create and manage collections of movies

Turn your WordPress site into a Movie Library. Share your favorite ans latest seen movies, manage collections of genres, actors or crew, download overviews, casts and posters in a click… Show the world your love for movies.

WordPress Movie Library is a complete, nice and simple managing tool for your movie collection. Create Movie Reviews for your Blog as simply as adding a new Post, imports posters, captures, cast & crew, overview, manage collections…

Because we ❤ movies


You just saw a movie and spent a great time? Tell everyone so. Just write a review, automatically fetch cast and overview, and add a nice poster in your movie wall.


When you add a new movie, WPML automatically retrieve various data related to your movie: poster, captures, overview, cast & crew, runtime… All saved for you to use.

Movie Addict

Owning hundreds of movies on HDD and shelves, don’t want to spend years adding your movies? Cheers: WPML can import all your movies. Just list the titles, we’ll do the rest.

Movie Hoarder

Done importing your tons of movies? Manage your library with collections and sort your movies by genre, actors, crew, year, rating…

♫ Never gonna give you up ♪

The best part is: WPMovieLibrary is free. It’s available here, on GitHub and on WordPress’ official plugin directory. You can download it and use it as it pleases you.

  Want to pay anyway? No problem, we accept and welcome donations!

or you can contribute without paying

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