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This is an attempt to take the bull by the horns, please don’t pay too much attention. Maybe by setting deadlines I’ll somehow find a way to meet them!

So let’s set deadlines. Plan is to release the second Alpha for version 3.0 by the end of May, with a Alpha3 release by the end of summer, which should allow version 3.0 to be released in September or October. A minor version should be released in the tail of WordPress 4.8, earlier if I can make it happen.

So what’s taking me so long? I’ll give a list of Alpha2 features when it will be released, but even without mentioning any feature let’s just say that Alpha2 is a way bigger piece of work than Alpha1 was and Alpha3 will be. There are a lot of features, but the main reason for this delay is that since I started working on version 3.0, quite a lot of things improved, in WordPress itself as in available plugins and frameworks, requiring recurrent adjustments.

For instance one of the first things I built into version 3.0 was a custom tool to generate nice meta boxes; but then Justin Tadlock released Butterbean, a so much better solution than anything I could have come up with that I just had no choice but to take a little detour to integrate it to WPMovieLibrary. And then when I was starting to build the Backbone powered grid, the REST API openly made it to the WordPress Core, along with a powerful Backbone client, so I took another detour to use that also. All these tours and detours took quite some time, although they provided a way better result than what I initially built. Bottom line is, Alpha2 is in really good shape now, and Alpha3 should be much easier to reach than expected.

With that said, back to work! Next step today: finishing the Grid Builder preview mode for movies, and implementing the preview mode for actors, collections and genres grids. Felicity ensues.

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  1. Mister3ZE says:

    Une excellente nouvelle ! Merci pour ce travail formidable 🙂

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